mFund by ASX

The mFund Settlement Service, brought to you by the ASX, enables you to buy and sell units in selected unlisted managed funds directly with the mFund issuer via a stockbroker or advisory services used to transact shares or other ASX products.

The service uses CHESS, ASX’s world-class electronic settlement system, to automate and track the process of buying (applying for) and selling (redeeming) units in these managed funds. Your holdings in these funds (‘mFunds CHESS holdings’) are held electronically and can be linked to the same Holder Identification Number (HIN) used to hold other investments transacted through ASX, such as shares.
That means you can track your managed fund investments using the same systems you use for shares and other securities.

Which Bentham Funds are Available on mFund?

The Bentham Global Income Fund (mFund code BAM05), Bentham Syndicated Loan Fund (mFund code BAM04), Bentham High Yield Fund (mFund code BAM03), Bentham Asset Backed Securities Fund (mFund code BAM06) are now available on mFund. Please see relevant PDS as different fees may apply. 

How to Invest - Participating mFund Brokers

Applications and redemptions in mFund products can be made through a participating stockbroker or advisory services used to transact shares or other ASX products. Click here for details of participating mFund brokers.

Key Features of the Service

Removal of paper-based applications
The Service does not require you to complete application forms when buying new units or when selling existing units in an unlisted managed fund, saving you time.

Access is via your broker, online stockbroker or financial advisor
You can access mFund products through your existing stockbroker, adviser.

Automation of the process & holdings
By using CHESS, orders for units are sent electronically to the mFund. This enables progress of orders to be monitored, and at settlement for unit balances to be recorded on your HIN alongside other investments; providing greater transparency over your holdings.

ASX rule framework
The ASX rule framework supports the mFund Settlement Service by ensuring all parties, including stockbrokers, issuers and unit registrars, are accountable for their roles and responsibilities. This rule framework underpins the high level of standards expected of services delivered by ASX, providing you with greater confidence.

Benefits of the mFund Settlement Service
The mFund Settlement Service introduces a range of significant benefits for investors who use ASX to access investment options. These centre on efficiency, convenience, transparency and speed.

Key Benefits of the Service

A diversified portfolio can reduce the level of investment risk by minimising the impact of poor performance by a particular industry or industry sector.

Potential wealth generation and wealth preservation

A well-chosen managed fund, used individually or in conjunction with other investments, can create a portfolio to assist your efforts to generate and protect your wealth.

Cost-effective investment

Investing in a managed fund is as affordable as investing in shares. You can start investing with a relatively small amount, adding to it cost effectively over time.

Access to a range of assets through specialised funds
Managed fund products can provide access to assets that may assist with portfolio diversification. These are assets in which individual investors may not normally be able to invest, due to financial limitations and restricted access to markets, research, information or insight to performance.

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